The Crystal Waddell Show: Episode 10

Social Media Tips for Etsy Sellers and Solopreneurs During Tense Social Times

Hey guys, thanks for joining me today! I’m excited to talk to you about 3 ways you can show up on social media more effectively, especially during tough times!


Raise your hand if you think the last few weeks have been awkward? I heard a coach say recently, when did everyone get a Ph.D. in sociology and race relations? But overall, I think conversations about race are a good thing - when they are two-way conversations. It can be tough in our climate to know what questions you can ask, where you can ask them and what to do if you can’t ask them. I want you to know that I’m always open to your questions and would be happy to share answers from my perspective!


So, one thing I have been watching for lately is the “post-black square” social media post. And I’m really only referring to Instagram because that’s where I’ve been doing most of my engaging online.


I think some people stopped posting out of respect and were giving time for other people’s voices to be heard but then I also thought there might have been some who just didn’t know how to re-enter the arena. I have witnessed at least one person post that she is leaving social media indefinitely for her mental health.


It hurts my heart that so many people are struggling to move forward with their businesses. I am assuming the best about others, that we all want to do better together and make the world a better place - and I also know that you started your business for similar reasons that I did - beyond making money, probably to make a difference and solve a problem for someone else.


So if you are struggling with what and how to post right now, here are a few tips that I want to give you that might get you some momentum to get going again!

  1. Get Clear on What You Stand For. I was fortunate to get some mindset coaching recently and the coach gave me some amazing advice that I want to share with you. If you’re struggling with how you want to show up right now, you first have to get clear on who you are in all of this. She told me to get a piece of paper and write down everything that I would say I believed if I knew no one would ever read it. And I did. And it is going to be a great resource for me as I move forward because I have the confidence to make decisions based on my values, not public opinion. Try it. I know it will help you, too.
  2. Make a plan. After the events of the last few weeks, I think it’s pretty clear that if you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail. More than one person commented on my consistency during these times, and I think the reasons for my consistency fell under one main factor: my race, because I’m mixed, half black and half white. But I’ll be honest - it was hard for me to post during those times. I was emotionally driven to post but I re-wrote a few things before I actually posted because this wasn’t my personal page; I was representing my business. But, like most of us, I felt like I had to say SOMETHING. And on the days that I didn’t feel emotionally driven to post something about current events, I posted according to my social media plan. Because I have a plan. I have 10 categories that I rotate through on my social media accounts, my emails, my blogs and even this podcast! I plan my posts in a google doc and then upload them to Planoly. And the Facebook Scheduler I am considering a new tool called Buffer and I’ll let you know how it goes! But the bottom line is, make a plan. What if the most horrible thing you saw happened to someone else, how are you going to deal with it? Think proactively vs reactively.
  3. Build Your Empathy. I want to encourage you to use this time as a catalyst for change - but in your own heart. What new things have you learned that you have questions about? Have you considered including racial diversity in your social media plan? Have you considered that someone may question you when you do - and do you have a response for that? Due to current events I was exposed to new books that I would not have typically read and I’m glad I did. They built my empathy muscles for white people and black people - and I’m convinced that the only way forward is together. That’s not going to be an easy way, but I am committed to taking a team approach on this one.


So, remember - if you are struggling right now, don’t stay in your despair. Take a few steps at a time to move towards progressing out of the black hole. I’ll be honest with you - the stay-at-home orders for COVID didn’t affect me as much as the weeks following George Floyd’s killing. To watch so many responses from one extreme to the other has been exhausting. It was and is, true grief. And essentially, we are always going to have these periods of loss and grief in our life. I thought to myself, if I feel this way for someone I don’t know, how am I going to function when one of my parents pass away? Having a plan for your business keeps it going while you get yourself together and HEAL.


So remember, get clear on what you stand for. Put your oxygen mask on first! Then, make a plan. Assume the best about people but also prepare for the worse: how will you respond if someone views your actions in a negative light? Make sure you include that in your plan. And finally, build your empathy. A wound can’t heal itself. One way or another, we are going to have to come together. And one of my nurses explained this to me from the medical perspective: it’s called “approximation” and what it means is that two sides of a wound don’t have to be touching to to heal. They just have to be close enough to heal. Which tells me that if we keep trying, we keep trying to move back TOGETHER, that we can heal by approximation. So don’t give up - it may take a lot of humility, but we can heal if we move towards each other instead of fighting or hiding from one another.


One thing I’m really excited about is my upcoming masterclass about ALL of this. I’m not a sociology expert but I want to be a resource for you if you are looking for practical ways to incorporate racial diversity into your social media plan. And I have an amazing strategy that I would love to share with you, my: Branded Captions Formula. It’s a proven roadmap to get you from “What Do I Post Today” to creating a plan that will have you showing up consistently online, wherever you want and exactly how you want.


I hope you’ll join me! I’ll post a link to the webinar in the show notes.


Good luck my friend! Get clear on what you stand for, make a plan, and build your empathy. I’m cheering for you and always here for you if you would like to reach out!


Until next time, remember, keep moving forward. You are doing great!

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