The Crystal Waddell Show: Episode 6

Time Management Strategies for Solopreneurs with Brittany Herzberg

Hey guys! Thanks so much for joining me today! My name is Crystal Waddell, aka The Social Solopreneur. I own a company called Collage and Wood where I make and sell wooden letters, numbers, and collages. My goal with this podcast is to help women who are overwhelmed by their growing Etsy shop or small business.


This Episode is all about Time Management!


Today's episode is all about one of my biggest challenges: Finding time (and making time) for all of the business related tasks for which i am solely responsible!

My guest for today's show is Brittany Herzberg. Brittany is a solopreneur massage therapist and massage therapist coach from the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. She now focuses on helping massage thereapists build their own businesses. How exciting!


In today’s show we discuss a few different time management strategies, including my favorite, Brittany's "To-Do Snowball"!

Pull up a chair and listen in!


Connect with Brittany:
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FB: @bheremassage
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Did you know: that posts on Instagram lose "engagement power" within a couple of days but Pinterest Pins can live forever and drive traffic to your website?


Did you know: that Pinterest encourages you to pin other people's content as well as your own? So you don't have to have a lot of content to post to get started. 

If you are thinking,  "how can I organize the organization?" Brittany breaks it down for us:

Quarterly: Do a "To-Do Snowball" to get clear on your Vision for the quarter. List out all tasks, large and small.

Weekly: Utilize "under-planning" aka "under-calendaring" to prioritize your most important tasks from your to-do snowball without overwhelming yourself.

 Daily: Set the timer for the increments of 30 minutes, to help you focus and remember to take breaks.

Here's a bonus: When you need some extra calm, download and use Brittany's Breathing Exercises

Let me know what you think! 


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