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How to Let Your Intuition Guide You in Business

What role does intuition, the formal name for "gut instinct," play in your business?

Although I do not believe I should be driven ONLY by my feelings, I do believe that following my gut instinct is a solid strategy. Why? Because to be successful in business requires one main skill: the ability to figure out solutions and solve problems. We must innovate and build upon our ideas.

As we develop a solution for our clients, and proactively continue to do so, more opportunities to do the same will offer themselves up to us. In the book, "Big Magic," Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the gift of inspiration - and the dangers of ignoring it, as that inspiration might move on to inspire someone else.

I will give you a quick illustration from my own experience: when I started making collages, I purchased the letters from a local craft store. It wasn't long before I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could make these myself? And then I could make ANYTHING - and sell it to others, too! Any shape, number, or letter! So I began to research and eventually invested almost $15k in a CNC machine, which was a significant amount of money to invest in new, unknown equipment!

Today that machine is paid off and has allowed us to innovate shapes, letters and numbers up to 4 feet tall. Selling the plain wouldn't cutouts now comprise more than 50% of my revenues. This is just one example of how following my gut and investing in technology has helped my company grow.

I believe that the companies that will remain through years and generations are the companies who are willing to innovate. Have you seen this play out in your business?

Have you followed your instincts and experienced a breakthrough? Please share!


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