How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

I think this is question we have all asked ourselves. I'd like to share why I choose to post only Monday-Friday on Facebook and Instagram.

When I first started posting on social media, I posted pictures of my collages three times a day. It was a fairly effective strategy but it was STRESSFUL and I made myself feel bad when I didn't post as much. 

About a year ago, I joined a social media group that helped me understand how to connect better on a personal level. I started posting 1x/day, 7 days a week.

That, too, was stressful and took me away from the main part of my business: making collages. 

After partnering up with an acquaintance from my social media group, we tracked our "analytics" (aka profile visits, very simple) from IG for a few weeks. What I found: traffic dropped drastically on the weekend.

What I decided: if everyone else is out living their best life on the weekend, I should be, too!!

My branded captions strategy has played a big role in WHAT I post on social media but understanding my traffic has impacted WHEN I post on social media.

Ideally, I recommend you find an accountability buddy that is building her business as well. But if you don't really know anyone, I made a one-sheet tracker that you can use to keep yourself accountable. 

And if you want, you can screenshot your profile visits and send them to me every day in a dm if you want ME to be your accountability buddy!

(This is assuming you have a Creative IG or Business IG account).

Download the simple tracker here.

Benefit #1

Understanding when your audience is paying attention to you is so liberating! If they aren't paying attention on the weekend, for the love of all that's good, take some time off!

Benefit #2

Knowing when your audience is paying attention can also help with content ideas - maybe you come up with 5 categories. Maybe you come up with 3 and post Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

Benefit #3

Use the extra time to engage, (aka interact with) your followers AND hashtags related to your industry. THIS is where you will see growth in your account!

Let me know what you think! And seriously, I'll be your accountability buddy if you need some extra support!

Talk to you soon!



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