The four content filters you need for developing content

Hi there, my friend! I think about you all of the time - and it's mainly because I think we have a lot in common. I'm constantly considering new ideas and testing strategies that I then think, wow, you could probably benefit from this, too!

Here's what I've got for you today: I dropped a sign off yesterday to my friend Andi, a realtor, and I asked her how her social media was going. I offered to help - and she laughed and said she could use all the help she could get because she didn't know what to post.

I think you and I are a few steps ahead of Andi if you've downloaded my branded captions worksheet - and familiarized yourself with the concept of "content categories" or "content buckets" I explained that concept to her and then I realized, there are also four "CONTENT FILTERS" that you can use to determine what to post.

The four filters are: Like, Know, Trust, and Sell.

Here's the brief breakdown:

1. Like

Whatever content category you are focusing on in this type of post, your mission is to appeal to your ideal client and endear yourself to her. For instance, Andi could take pictures of herself all around our city and tag her favorite restaurants, etc. and position herself as a resource for her ideal client - not just someone who sells houses but someone who knows and loves her community.

2. Know

I told Andi yesterday, you want people to feel so familiar with you that they could pick up the phone to call you and be like, "Hey, girl! I'm ready to look at houses!"

I know it sounds crazy but you want to create a relationship with your ideal client, a complete stranger. You may not know her, but you want her to feel like she knows YOU. Which is a beautiful segue into the next filter:

3. Trust

When your ideal client likes what you're putting out into the universe and feels like she knows you, the beautiful bond of trust is formed. She can trust that you are who you say you are and by extension, you will deliver whatever product you are promoting.

You can build on that trust by showing examples of your product and sharing testimonials and reviews from current clients.

4. Sell

Last but not least, this is the content filter that we must make available in our posts from time to time. A note of caution, though: you don't want to have an empty feed and then all of a sudden show up saying "BUY MY STUFF!" or slither into a Direct Message before you have built like, know and trust with your (potential) client.

On the flip side, once you have posted content reflected through the lens of like, know, and trust, you would be doing your business a disservice if you didn't share your product or service AND how it will benefit your client.

I'm going to dive deeper into this idea in an upcoming episode of my podcast!

Wait - did I tell you I had a podcast? Well, now I did!

You can check out the first couple of episodes here on my website and I'll definitely let you know when the official launch will happen!

Anyway, if you try out this mental "content filtering", would you let me know how it works for you?

Thanks so much and have a great week! I pray you stay safe and healthy, my friend!



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