The dangers of the abundance mindset

Well, the amount of information from influencers, coaches, and podasters is certainly abundant on the internet these days, #amiright ... and that "abundance mindset" is creating some sticky scenarios.

In 2018 I decided to start listening to Rachel Hollis' podcast, back when it was called "Dais" or something like that. Through her podcast I discovered Jasmine Star and Social Curator (a life changing discovery, to be honest), Amy Porterfield and her podcast (Online Marketing Made Easy), Jenna Kutcher and her podcast (Goaldigger), and so many more....

Amy led me to Stu McLarin, Jasmine led me to James Wedmore, someone led me to one of my all-time favorites, Cathy Heller and her podcast (Don't Keep Your Day Job).

As I have consumed these messages like a turbo-charged emotional eater at a buffet, the ideas started to overlap - who said what, and who said it first? Where was the original idea originating FROM? 

Add in all of the self-improvement books and I am regurgitating...

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How To Get More Leads From Pinterest

I hope you're having a great weekend so far. Asher's basketball team had a bye so I've had some extra time to thing about refining my marketing strategies and I wanted to share what I'm doing on Pinterest with you!

One pleasant side effect of using my branded caption strategy is that I have more time now to reassess other areas of my social media plan that need attention.

First, let me state the obvious - there are so many platforms. And the best platform for YOU to promote your business is where YOUR dream clients spend THEIR time. For my business, Collage & Wood, that is Pinterest.

Second - everything we do online has the potential to point our dream clients right to us. So I'm taking time to go back and make sure my pins are OPTIMIZED for my future clients to find me.

Right now I get about 250,000 or more views a month on Pinterest. You can check that out here, and it might clear up the "What the heck does this girl DO, anyway?" question!

Vanity metrics make us all feel...

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My Kobe Moment: Why You Should Chase Your Dreams NOW

Wow, what a week. My husband called me last weekend and said, "Hey, did you hear about Kobe?"

My heart kind of sunk. Stomach hurt a little, too, because sentences that start like that never end well.

The bad news seemed to pile up. Kobe was in the crash, but who else? Soon, we heard about his daughter. Then her two teammates, two parents, a mother, an assistant coach who was also a mother-and a wife; and the pilot.

9 lives. Gone, by any measure of life, too soon.

I thought about my life, my legacy, as I mourned these lives and pondered THEIR legacies. I felt conflicted on social media- do I post out of respect, or is it disrespectful to post? Do I post about my business - or do I give space for silence for the grief?

It's been a hard week. I navigated and answered those questions in a way that was authentic to me. I joined the #girldad discussion and continue to be so inspired by the pride of girl dads around the country.

And I considered my dreams: if not now, when? Tomorrow?...

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What's the Point of Goals Without Systems?


I don't know about you, but it seems to me that entrepreneurship can be a constant rotation of frustrations - especially when I put off solving a problem that continues to show up.

Here's an example: I manually have to create the number file for all numbers that I create for The Collage and Wood Shop. This is a problem because it causes a bottleneck in our procedures: if I can't create the file, then it delays production AND shipment. 

What I need is a better SYSTEM.

I'm listening to the Book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. One sentence stood out to me like it was written in my own marquee lights:

"You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."

One goal I have this week is to FINALLY create the master file for all of my collage number cutouts. Having a system will allow my business to function even if I'm not at my computer (which I'm more often NOT).

Is there a process or procedure in your business that needs a...

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Episode 1: The Beginning of Collage and Wood, Inc.

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2020

When Jon and I got engaged, all signs pointed to a charmed life. But not long after, he became sick. He lost over 20 pounds in a month. He felt unwell, but all tests came back negative for serious diseases.

I was so afraid he was going to die. Happiness seemed always just out of my grasp and I always assume the worst. When he began to feel better, I was so relieved. Next came a heart attack scare with my dad, but by our wedding day, both of them were there to perform their respective roles beautifully.

Within months we were pregnant with Asher and during our “baby-moon” trip up the east coast from North Carolina to New Jersey, I had to stop and pee almost hourly. I was eight months pregnant and didn’t notice that Jon had to go as often as I did. Jon noticed, though - and when we finally got home he said he wanted to use his step dad’s glucometer to check his blood sugar. (Tom is a type II diabetic).

The glucometer read 300+. We made the horrible joke that when I...

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