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If Albert Einstein had an Instagram Account

Can you imagine the emojis and the perfect picture to go with this caption:

"It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely." - Albert Einstein

I wrote about feeling lonely on Friday on my Instagram page, and I thought you might like to read my thoughts here if you missed it. I am 100% confident that you might feel the same way.

Loneliness as you innovate and build something new is not a new phenomenon. (See Al's quote above!)

Do you ever feel lonely?

Not because of the virus - and not because you are PHYSICALLY alone. But because you feel like no one understands why you work so hard for so little. And maybe sometimes you wonder the same thing, if it’s all worth it?

I know that feeling. And if your work, your side hustle, your labor of love brings you tremendous joy and hope, then I want to encourage you to keep going.

How? Well, try these 3 actions I took that made all of the difference in the world to help me push through the times I felt stuck:

1. Find your...

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