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Shipping Tips for Etsy Sellers

Before we get started, one bonus PRO TIP: When you begin shipping items online, make sure you doublecheck your platform for shipping options. PayPal, Etsy, and Amazon all offer bulk rates if you use their platform.

Here are 5 shipping tips for Etsy sellers to help you understand how to sell on Etsy and how to start an Etsy shop that is ready to start shipping!


1. How big is the item I’m shipping?

This is important to know because when you purchase a shipping box, you’ll usually want at least an inch on each side to keep your items safe. UPS recommends up to 2 inches around your item. I step 2, you’ll determine what packing items you need to keep the item safe, and packaging materials can add up quickly - due to both materials and higher costs associated with “dimensional weight”! Don’t pay extra to ship AIR or unneeded shipping materials!
If your item is large, over 15 inches in length, width, or depth, consider using Fed...
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