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How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

I think this is question we have all asked ourselves. I'd like to share why I choose to post only Monday-Friday on Facebook and Instagram.

When I first started posting on social media, I posted pictures of my collages three times a day. It was a fairly effective strategy but it was STRESSFUL and I made myself feel bad when I didn't post as much. 

About a year ago, I joined a social media group that helped me understand how to connect better on a personal level. I started posting 1x/day, 7 days a week.

That, too, was stressful and took me away from the main part of my business: making collages. 

After partnering up with an acquaintance from my social media group, we tracked our "analytics" (aka profile visits, very simple) from IG for a few weeks. What I found: traffic dropped drastically on the weekend.

What I decided: if everyone else is out living their best life on the weekend, I should be, too!!

My branded captions strategy has played a big role in WHAT I post on...

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