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The four content filters you need for developing content

Hi there, my friend! I think about you all of the time - and it's mainly because I think we have a lot in common. I'm constantly considering new ideas and testing strategies that I then think, wow, you could probably benefit from this, too!

Here's what I've got for you today: I dropped a sign off yesterday to my friend Andi, a realtor, and I asked her how her social media was going. I offered to help - and she laughed and said she could use all the help she could get because she didn't know what to post.

I think you and I are a few steps ahead of Andi if you've downloaded my branded captions worksheet - and familiarized yourself with the concept of "content categories" or "content buckets" I explained that concept to her and then I realized, there are also four "CONTENT FILTERS" that you can use to determine what to post.

The four filters are: Like, Know, Trust, and Sell.

Here's the brief breakdown:

1. Like

Whatever content category you are focusing on...

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